I'm Víctor Cherubini, born in Chile on September 30th, 1973. Have both chilean and italian citizenship.

My father, Iginio was born in a town in the Lombardy Region in th north of Italy, named Gratacasolo, and cam to Chile after the WWII.

I'm married to María Francisca on 1998, and we have 3 kids: Antonia, Lucca and Vincenzo.

I like to train weights on the gym, to ride my bike, learn about world's history (specially Viking's era). I was a viking reenactor for near 6 years.

Love to travel with my family, visit unknown places, walk with my wife, to play old videogames (Still have my Atari 800xl), to code some utilities for personal use and some small webpages.

I maintain the genealogy tree for the Cherubini Family, having obtained lot of interesting information.

I have a small mead company here in Chile named Savia de Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil's Sip).

I studied Computer's Programming on 1991-1992 and Computer's Engineering on 1993-1996.

I have studied CISA, CEH, CISP, FOR508 and CCSP, some McAfee courses and the Cyberthreat analysis and Cyberconsequences on the USCCU, Washington DC.

In general terms, I'm very proactive, always focused on customer success.

Quien siempre habla y nunca calla dice muchas insensateces. La lengua ligera ocasiona problemas y a menudo menosprecia al hombre.
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